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Contact Us

The University of Iowa Office of Sustainability was created to be a focus point for sustainability activities on campus and to expedite action and change through:

  • Communicating challenges and successes;
  • Connecting individuals and organizations to catalyze action;
  • Promoting a culture of sustainability;
  • Coordinating events and activities to build awareness; and
  • Maintaining the credibility and public trust of the University of Iowa.

Our Team

Liz Christiansen, Director

Ferman Milster, Principal Engineer - Renewablescompressed PFM headshot



George McCrory, Communications Specialist

Student Interns

intern picThe Office of Sustainability (OS) works with student interns to accomplish our projects and fulfill outreach activities.

Ilsa DeWald, Senior

Ilsa is works with environmental student organizations also helps with composting and recyling programs on campus. Contact her at

 Sara Cooper, Junior
Sara is working on social media communications for OS. She contributes to the blog, updates Facebook, Twitter, and the website. E-mail her with questions or suggestions at


Kelsey Zlevor, volunteer


E-mail her with questions or suggestions at