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The University of Iowa Office of Sustainability was created to be a focus point for sustainability activities on campus and to expedite action and change through:

  • Communicating challenges and successes;
  • Connecting individuals and organizations to catalyze action;
  • Promoting a culture of sustainability;
  • Coordinating events and activities to build awareness; and
  • Maintaining the credibility and public trust of the University of Iowa.

Our Team

Christiansen Liz FM

Liz Christiansen, Director


compressed PFM headshot

Ferman Milster, Principal Engineer - Renewables



George McCrory, Communications Specialist

Sarah Maples, Project Manager, Energy Sustainability Index
The sustainability index is a mechanism for comparing different biomass sources using environmental, economic, and social indicators.

Juliana Lucchesi, graduate assistant, Biomass Fuel Project.

Student Interns

Jared Gillmore is assisting with the development of  green ambassadors and the Eco Hawk Green Building Certification programs.

Andrew Hirst works with environmental student organizations and assists in outreach programs activities to promote sustainability on campus.

Shianne Gruss writes about sustainability at the University of Iowa and works on social media communications for OS. She  updates Facebook, Twitter, and the website.

Willie Tan is helping to make the University of Iowa a more bike-friendly campus. He has written a bike share business plan and is working on other measures to encourage bike commuting.