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Here's a list of the sustainability-related books available in our office. A sign-out sheet is available for checkout.

Business Books


Anderson, Ray C."Confessions of a Radical Industrialist"
Anderson, Ray C."Mid-Course Correction"
Armstrong, James S."Planning Special Events"
Bollier, David & Burns H. Weston"Green Governance"
Breen, Bill & Jeffrey Hollender"The Responsibility Revolution"
Chouinard, Yvon & Vincent Stanley"The Responsible Company"
Cohen, Boyd & L. Hunter Lovins"The Way Out"
Haque, Umair"The New Capitalist Manifesto"
Humes, Edward"Force of Nature"
Klein, Naomi"The Shock Doctrine"
Lovins, Amory B. & Rocky Mountain Institute"Reinventing Fire"
Rivoli, Pietra (PhD)"The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy"
Rodale, Maria"Organic Manifesto"
Sachs, Jeffrey D."Common Wealth"
Townsend, Amy K. (PhD)"Green Business"
Werbach, Adam"Strategy for Sustainability"
Conscious Company MagazineJan/Feb 2016 Issue
Conscious Company MagazineMar/Apr 2016 Issue

Business/Design Books


Adler, Elizabeth W."Print that Works"
Avi, Jonell & Tim Ormsby"Extending ArcView GIS"
Grant, John"The Green Marketing Manifesto"

Climate Books

Bach, Tracy & Burns H. Weston"Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature"
Hogg, Senator Rob"America's Climate Century"
Kolbert, Elizabeth"Field Notes from a Catastrophe"
Kunstler, James Howard"The Long Emergency"
Mueller, Jan & Suzanne Rynne & Scott Shuford"Planning for a New Energy and Climate Future"
Chicago Climate Task Force"Chicago Climate Action Plan"

Education Books

Barlett, Peggy F. & Geoffrey W. Chase"Sustainability on Campus"
Barlow, Ben"Financing Sustainability on Campus"
Simpson, Walter"The Green Campus"
APPA"Facilities manager - Sustaining Community Colleges"
Peter Li Education Group"College Planning & Management" 
Princeton Review"The Princeto Review's Guide to 322 Green Colleges"
American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment"Climate Neutral Campus Report"

Food Books

Abrams, Emily"Don't cook the planet"
Barbarow, Peter"Give Peas a Chance!"
Berry, Wendell"The Unsettling of America"
Howard, Sir Albert"The Soil and Health"
Kinsey, Neal & Charles Walters "Hands-On Agronomy"
Lappé, Frances Moore"Diet for a Small Planet (20th Anniversary Edition)"
Lappé, Frances Moore"Diet for a Small Planet (10th Anniversary Edition)"
Local Foods Connection"FoodRoots"
Ozeki, Ruth L."My Year of Meats"
Patel, Raj"Stuffed & Starved"
Pollan, Michael"In Defense of Food"
Pollan, Michael"The Omnivore's Dilemma"
Standage, Tom"An Edible History of Humanity"
Weber, Karl"Food, Inc."
New Pioneer food co-op"Catalyst newsletter"
 "Edible Madison"
Cornucopia Institute"Scrambled Eggs"

Local Books

Iowa Department of Transportaiton"Iowa's Living Roadway"
Symonds, George W.D."The Tree Identification Book"
University of Iowa"Earthwords"
University of Iowa"Arts & Sciences"
City of Iowa City"Sustainability Assessment 2013"
City of Iowa City"East Side Recycling Center"
Iowa Energy Center"Home Heating and Cooling"
Iowa Environmental Council"Real Potential, Ready Today"
Iowa Pollution Prevention Services"Pollution Prevention Intern Program"
Iowa Pollution Prevention Services"Pollution Prevention Intern Program"
University of Iowa"Heritage Walk Tour Guide"
Cooper, Tom C."Iowa's Natural Heritage"

Self-Help Books

Begely Jr., Ed"Living Like Ed"
Bremness, Lesley"The Complete Book of Herbs"
Buettner, Dan"The Blue Zones"
De Graaf, John & Thomas H. Naylor & David Wann"Affluenza"
Greenwood, Pippa"Basic Gardening"
Helmer, Jodi & Barbara Parks"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Careers"
Jones, Ellis"The Better World Shopping Guide"
McDilda, Diane Gow"365 Ways to Live Green"
Mycoskie, Blake"Start Something That Matters"
Ortho Books"How to Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies"
Johnson County Heritage Trust"Johnson County Recommended Planting List"
MidAmerican Energy"Energy Efficiency Rebate Informations for Your Home"

Water Books

Barnett, Cynthia"Blue Revolution"
Grace, Stephen"Dam Nation"

Miscellaneous Literature

Davidson, Osha Gray"Broken Heartland"
Diamond, Jared"Collapse"
Douglas, Donald E. & Ronald E. Gaddie, Sr."Earthworms For Ecology & Profit"
Enshayan, Kamyar"Living Within Our Means" 
Friedman, Thomas L."Hot, Flat, and Crowded"
Hogan, Linda"Dwellings"
Kubasek, Nancy K. & Gary S. Silverman"Environmental Law"
Lappé, Frances Moore"EcoMind"
Louv, Richard"The Nature Principle"
McKibben, Bill"eaarth"
McKibben, Bill"Deep Economy"
Palmer, Joy A."Environmental Education in the 21st Century"
Redman, Charles L."Human Impact on Ancient Environments"
Robinson, Kim Stanley"Fifty Degrees Below"
Robinson, Kim Stanley"Forty Signs of Rain"
Sale, Kirkpatrick"The Green Revolution"
Schendler, Auden"Getting Green Done"
Earls, Louisa &  Tim Hardwick &  Khanam Virjee"Environment & Sustainability"
Interface Flor"InterfaceFlor Packet"
Sustainable World Coalition"Sustainable World Sourcebook"
Vagnetti, Cynthia"People Sustaining the Land"
Wold, David P."Going Green"
Feldstein, Peter & Stephen G. Bloom"The Oxford Project"
Stewart, Rory"The Prince of the Marshes"
Axelroth, Rita & Steve Dubb"The Road Half Traveled"
Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning (Wisconsin)"Planning for Natural Resources"
McDonald, Tracy"Social Responsibility and Sustainability"
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, et al"Wisconsin Sustainable Planting and Harvest Guidelines for Nonforest Biomass"
Babcock & Wilcox Company"Steam"
Berg, Linda R. & David M. Hassenzahl & Peter H. Raven"environment 8e"
Brown, Robert C."Biorenewable Resources"
Christopherson, Robert W."Geosystems"
Easton, Thomas A. "Taking Sides"
Freeman, Wade A. & Norman H. Nachtrieb & David W. Oxtoby"Chemistry"
Heywood, Andrew"Political Ideologies, An Introduction"
Obernberger, Ingwald & Gerold Thek"The Pellet Handbook"
Weiss, Neil A. "Introductory Statistics"
Zumdahl, Steven S."Introductory Chemistry"


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