Recycling and Waste Reduction

Recycling and Waste Reduction

What's New

  • Latest newsletter, kicking off the 2014-15 school year!
  • Tiny Trash (Big Impact):  1,000+ on campus already and hundreds more in the chute.  The Office of the President just got on-board!
  • RecycleMania is coming!  Get ready to be the best in the Big Ten during this annual, national competition, taking place February 2- March 28.  Last year we placed 2nd--behind Purdue!  Visit the national competition website here.

Learning the Basics

Teach yourself and teach others about recycling and waste reduction basics.

Single-stream recycling:  What goes, what doesn't, where it goes, and other facts

Composting:  How it started on campus and where its happening today

More Recycling, Reuse, and Reduction:  Learn about recycling batteries, e-waste, appliances, CFLs, furniture, textbooks, and more. Learn about going paperless and residence hall move-out efforts.

Off-campus:  Learn about recycling in Iowa City and what to do with all of your unwanted move-out furniture, books, and clothes.

Leading the Way   

Recycling champions across campus have been working hard to recycle and reduce waste for years.  As enthusiasm and demand grows, the intent of this page is to highlight those stories of success and connect people and ideas together.

Tiny Trash, Big Impact:  Learn how staff and faculty offices are being retooled to favor recycling and minimize waste

Recycling Optimization Projects:  Learn about our building-by-building approach to optimizing recycling and waste reduction in buildings.

Empowering students:  Student demand and leadership is what drives recycling and waste reduction forward in a big way.  Are you a student?  You can make a difference.  Here are some examples of others that have.

Green Teams:  Teams are forming around campus to advance recycling and waste reduction practices and policies in their buildings.  Each building is different on campus, and it takes the experts within to find solutions and communicate them to the students, staff, and faculty.

Waste audits:  This is a great tool used to engage students, staff, and faculty in a building by sorting through a day's trash (safety equipment provided) and targeting streams of waste that can be diverted from the landfill.

Events and Volunteering:  President's Block Party, Game Day Recycling, RecycleMania, Dance Marathon, Move-out--all of these large events have a major waste diversion theme.

Measuring Progress and Impact

60% waste diversion by 2020 is the sustainability target set in 2010 by Sally Mason.  Our interim goal is 40% by 2015.  Click here to find out why it's important and where we stand.

Fiscal Year 2013:  Weights of all the diversion activities captured in FY13--we're at 33%.

Campus leaders:  Buildings that are performing the highest--Boyd Law, Burge, Lindquist, and Hillcrest to name a few.

Waste audits:  Tools to help identify, get to know, and decrease your building's waste stream--1/3 of the trash should be in single-stream!

Recycling impact:  What recycling means for you, the UI, the city, and the state--it makes sense in a lot of ways!

Connecting to People and Resources

Contact Recycling at the UI with a call or an email.

Grow your knowledge wiith state, regional, and local resources.

Read our latest newsletter or any of our past