RecycleMania 2014!

RecycleMania 2014!

February 2 to March 29

It's a race to the top to recycle the most and waste the least.

RecycleMania is a national competition, pitting over 200 campuses against each other in an effort to recycle the most and waste the least.  Let's finish on top of the Big Ten!


  • Week 8 Activity, Recycle MANIACS (March 23-29):  The goal of the week is to submit a story, photo, or video of over-the-top, MANIACAL recycling and waste reduction behavior. It’s parody or satire (think Portlandia).  

  • We're poised for a 2nd place finish in the Big Ten, but don't loosen up!  See the Big Ten or national rankings and how we're ranked.
  • Donut winners, week 7!  Eric Foresman (staff, FM), Kathleen Halbach (staff, HLHS), Carol Axberg (staff, Dentistry)
  • Tiny Trash video!  VP for Student Life Tom Rocklin and Dean of Students David Grady shared their experiences last week during week 7's "Free from your Trash."

Log participation and win prizes each week!

There are three ways to enter the drawing each week for RecycleMania prizes. Choose just one, or choose all three to increase your chances!

  • Log your participation below.
  • Upload photos here.
  • Use #UIowaRecycleMania or post to our Facebook page and add a comment, photo, or video of you doing the activity.


Activity (click on the activity for more details)

 How to participate

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Knowledge is Power Quiz

This quiz is our foundation of RecycleMania.  It equips you with a basic and advanced understanding of recycling and RecycleMania.

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Use a reusable mug or water bottle!  UI Cafes offer discounts when you use these, and we're giving away RecycleMania mugs at cafes 8-11 a.m. Feb 10-15.

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Waste, What???

No recycling in the trash!! Compare your trash to our Recycling FAQ Picture Guide, and see what more you can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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Share a recycling story

Tell your recycling, reusing, reducing story! Or, tell your friend’s story!

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Recycle Like A Hawk

Take a photo of you and others recycling in Hawkeye apparel, or let us know why Hawkeyes recycle.

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Spring Cleanout

Clean out and recycle your office, dorm room, and student organization office.

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Be Free From Your Trash

Go a week without using the personal trash at your desk. Use a community bin and eliminate the need for a bag to line your trash can.

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Be a Recycling Maniac

Capture your over-the-top recycling and waste reduction efforts through photo or video. Get satirical. Make a parody.

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Commit to be a Waste Zero Hero

if you end up participating—and log your participation—in 4 or more activities, you are deemed a WASTE ZERO HERO, and you will be a special invite to our RecycleMania Closing Ceremony in April, where you will be recognized and presented with a certificate of appreciation.

Results (Big Ten and national rankings)

 School Rank Recycling Rate
 Purdue University  1  39.442
 University of Iowa  2  34.988
 Michigan State University  3  31.290
 University of Wisconsin  4  30.194
 University of Michigan  5  29.123
 Northwestern University  6  27.780
 University of Nebraska  7  26.266
 Indiana University  8  16.137

RecycleMania Toolkit

Want to promote Recyclemania in your office, lab, residence hall floor? Here are some materials you can print out or post online, and share with colleagues or friends.

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