Payton Wensel

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Project Lead Intern

Payton Wensel is a fourth-year student in the University of Iowa's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  She is about to receive her BA in Environmental Planning, as well as a minor in Communication Studies and a Certificate in Sustainability.  Her passion in sustainability comes from her belief that it is our duty as humans to take care of the planet we inhabit, as well as the other creatures that reside here.  Fueled by this passion, Payton has headed numerous social events on campus, such as a documentary screening, a vegan cookie handout, a lecture from the Eco-Stylist CEO, and more.  The biggest project of note was her effort to increase student employment on campus.  This project stemmed from the issue of food and other waste increasing in the dining halls due to lack of employees.  To tackle this issue, she met with the dining hall managers to share incentive ideas, as well as sent out a survey to the undergraduate student body regarding employment on campus.  The results of said survey have been used across multiple different departments around campus already.