Tong Ding

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Project Intern

Tong is a third-year majoring in Environmental Policy and Planning and Anthropology with a minor in Geography. She considers sustainability important because “if our modern world continues to operate in sustainable ways our societies will likely experience a “collapse” like in ancient times. The scale of damage modern societies are inflicting on our planet is much larger and could lead to a potentially more catastrophic “collapse” of political, economic, and social systems than any case study in history” According to Tong, “we need to move toward a more sustainable lifeway so that our home, our earth can continue to be livable to all life on the planet.” At the Office of Sustainability and the Environment, she is currently doing research on the University of Iowa Dining system. For the project, she is researching if food purchased by the dining system is “real food.” The food is graded on whether it is ecologically sound, humane, fair, and locally sourced. She considers this project important because it "will encourage the dining system to buy more “real food,” which would help improve the local food system and create a healthier economy. Outside of the office, Tong is working on a class project examining how well urban transportation of a large metropolitan is serving the population. She is interested in the field of urban and regional planning, specifically, community planning and environmental planning.