Tong Ding

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Project Intern

Tong is a fourth year senior, majoring in Environmental Policy and Planning and Anthropology. She considers sustainability important because “if our modern world continues to operate in sustainable ways our societies will likely experience a “collapse” like in ancient times. The scale of damage modern societies are inflicting on our planet is much larger and could lead to a potentially more catastrophic “collapse” of political, economic, and social systems than any case study in history”. According to Tong, “we need to move toward a more sustainable lifeway so that our home, our earth can continue to be livable to all life on the planet.”

At the Office of Sustainability and the Environment, she is currently the co-organizer of the Underrepresented Students in Sustainability (USS) Mentorship program along with Isabella Mullins. The USS mentorship program is designed to make mentoring opportunities more accessible to undergraduates from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds exploring careers in sustainability & the environment. Isabella and Tong work together to manage the program mentor/mentee pairs, maintain regular communication with mentor/mentee pairs, organize and facilitate special events for mentors/mentees, and promote the program to the rest of the campus community. Events they put on this past year include, a kick-off social, a career workshop, a general social, and an environmental justice panel.