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Fall 2022 Courses

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Geographical, Environmental, & Sustainability Sciences



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intro to sustainability
  ENVS:3230 envs 3230
  BIOL:2374 GEOG2374
  CBE:2050 Severe and Unusual Weather
  CEE:4102 Groundwater
  CEE:5380 Fluid Flows in Environmental Systems
  EES:1030 Introduction to Earth Science
  EES:1040 Evolution and the History of Life
  EES:1050 Introduction to Geology
  EES:1080 Introduction to Environmental Science
  EES:1085 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
  EES:1400 Natural Disasters
  EES:2010 Interdisciplinary Environmental Seminar: Discovering Research, Exploring Careers, Building Connections
  EES:2310 GEOG2310
  EES:2410 Mineralogy
  EES:3020 Earth Surface Processes
  EES:4490 Elements of Geochemistry
  EES:4630 Hydrogeology
  ENVS:3095 Field Ecology
  GEOG:3315 Ecosystem Ecology
Systems, Justice, and Global Issues    
  PBAF/URP: 2020 Environment and Society: Sustainability, Policy, and Politics


global environment


globalization and geographic diversity


global economy
  GHS:3500 Global Public Health
  HHP:4030 Policy, Environmental, & Social Health
  HIST:3128 Topics in Global Environmental History: Nature and Power in the Modern World
  ANTH:2100 Anthropology and Contemporary World Problems
  ANTH:2103 Introduction to Global Health Studies
  ANTH:2261 Human Impacts on the Environment
  ANTH:3955 Art and American National Parks
  CBE:2030 Energy and Society
  CEE:4158 Solid and Hazardous Wastes
  CEE:4157 Environmental Engineering Design
  CHEM:1050 Chemistry of Our World
  CPH:2200 Climageddon: Climate Change and Health
  CPH:4200 Agriculture, Food Systems, and Sustainability
  ECON:3625 Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  ECON:3650 Policy Analysis
  STAT:6530 Environmental and Spatial Statistics
  POLI:3430 Environmental Politics and Indigeneity
  EES:1115 The History and Science of Oil
  EES:4790 Applied Environmental Geology
  GEOG:3070 GEOG3070
  GEOG:3920 Planning Liveable Cities
  URP:6202 Land Use Planning: Law and Practice
  HRTS:3906 Global Crises and Human Rights
  ME:4048 Energy System Design
  POLI:3424 Global Development
  ANTH:2261 Human Impacts on the Environment
  GEOG:2930 2930
  GEOG:3110/GHS:3111 3110
  GEOG:3940 Transportation Economics
  GEOG:4000 The UN Sustainable Development Goals
  GEOG/GHS/AFAM:4770 4770
Geographic Information Systems    


foundations of GIS
  GEOG:3500 Intro to Environmental Remote Sensing
  GEOG:4150 GEOG4150
  GEOG:4500 Advanced Remote Sensing
  GEOG:4580 Introduction to Geographic Databases
  ENGL:1510 Introduction to Environmental Literature
  EVNT:3185 Topics in Event Management: Sustainable Events