What NOT To Recycle

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These items are NOT accepted in the University of Iowa recycling bins.  Some items, such as glass and plastic bags can be recycled at near-by drop-off sites in Iowa City such as City Carton, the East Side Recycling Center, Iowa City Landfill and some Hy-Vee locations.

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Wax and Styrofoam Cups

Plastic Bags, Film, Liners


Napkins, Soiled Cardboard

Landfill unless you can take to recycling drop-off center. 

Landfill; seek alternatives such as reusable bottles and cups.

Take to recycling drop-off site, or landfill. Most grocery stores accept clean shopping bags.

Landfill unless composting is available.

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Paper Plate/Container with Food

Wrapping Paper, Packaging, Chip Bag

Plastic Utensil


Landfill unless composting is available.

Landfill and seek alternatives.

Landfill unless composting is available.

Items such as electrical cords, phones and other devices can be recycled though UI Surplus. Off campus, take to the East Side Recycling Center or Iowa City Landfill. Best Buy also offers some electronics recycling.

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Old VHS Tapes, CDs


Light Bulbs

Styrofoam Coolers


Landfill alkaline batteries. Staff and faculty may recycle non-alkaline batteries through EH&S.

Staff and faculty may recycle LED lightbulbs through EH&S. Students may recycle at East Side Recycling Center or Iowa City Landfill. Landfill traditional lightbulbs.

Landfill or reuse.