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Yoga-Restoring yourself. Restoring Nature.

Yoga-in-NatureMy tentative outline for my project. Will be improved over time.

Title: Yoga-Restoring yourself. Restoring Nature.

Questions/Theme: What is Yoga and what are the benefits of doing Yoga? Does Yoga help you restore one with positivity? How does Yoga help one better connect with the environment ? Why are trees important? How can they help us reverse climate change? Why is it important to restore nature/ecosystems even if we try and get into green energy and follow sustainable practices? How can Yoga help us achieve an eco-conscious world?

Setting/Story-line: A Yoga class out in nature(mostly Iowa). Instructor telling the students about how to restore themselves and why it is necessary to restore nature, how others are successfully working to restore nature by repairing damaged ecosystems, going vegan, planting trees and how getting nature back is our best solution.

Characters/Real Life Heroes:

Peepal Baba(Male): An environmentalist who practices yoga and meditation and has planted more than 10 Million trees till date in India and Europe. He currently runs the Give Me Trees Trust in India.

Andy(Male): works for environmental restoration by planting trees around the University of Iowa Campus and is one of the main reasons, UI has been named Tree Campus USA for 6 years in a row.

Sarah(Female): A Co-President of the UI Environmental Coalition who practices Yoga and feels that it drives her passion for vegetarianism and environmental sustainability.

Takeaway: It is important to bring nature back. Along with practices like recycling, reducing consumerism and bringing in green energy by divesting from fossil fuels, It is necessary to restore our ecosystems so that we can reverse climate change. Yoga can help you calmly face tough situations, especially when you’re trying to explain environmental problems to people who do not want to understand them.

Type of Arts Medium: Yoga Performance, with nature playing on the backdrop.

Relationship between Yoga & the Environment:Sarah Nagengast


Yoga and Nature

Sarah Nagengast is a senior at the University of Iowa who is also the Co-President of the University of Iowa’s very own Environmental Coalition. She is super involved in issues revolving the environment and sustainability and is also super passionate about yoga.

She was the first person I interviewed for my project and it was interesting to see how yoga helps her to be a strong advocate for the environmental cause.

According to her, doing Yoga inspires her to respect the environment and it’s biotic and abiotic components and thus motivate her to work for environmental conservation, to be a vegetarian, to recycle, to not waste water and so on and so forth.

Since the world is still in the transition from an economy oriented world to an eco-conscious world, and very few people believe that climate change is happening, and very few out of those actually do something to try and reverse it, it is sometimes difficult to deal with people who deny facts or people who do towards achieving sustainable practices. Also at the same time we keep hearing about the floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes and the whole refugee crisis. All these things some times add up as stress and affect us by mentally exhausting us and resulting in lack of sleep/rest/temperament. This also has health benefits.

Sarah feels that doing yoga every morning helps set the tone for the day before getting into these things and helps her deal with people more efficiently. Sarah aims to work in the environmental field and educate people and advocate for environmental justice.

Along with Sarah, there are many environmentalists who believe that yoga is a good tool that one can use to keep calm and thus efficiently participate in interpersonal conversations to educate people about the environmental cause. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India said that Yoga could be an answer to Climate Change at the UN Climate Summit.

Peepal Baba is another environmentalist that I will be interviewing who also believes in spirituality and practices yoga and meditation and has planted over 10 million trees in his lifetime in India and Europe. I have sent him the questions, spoken to him over the phone, and he will be sending me the video regarding the same.