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Biomimicry! Looking to Nature for Design Solutions

Guys! This is really exciting! For a ceramics class, we have to make a piece emulating a concept I’ve never heard of, biomimicry. Basically this term means modeling technology after nature. They have innovative solutions and designs for agriculture, architecture, medicine, energy, transportation, and even communication!

There are so many examples of products/services listed at

some examples are: learning from mosquitoes to create “a nicer needle”, or learning from prairies how to grow food in resilient ways, modeling a bullet train after a king-fish, learning from the texture of whale’s fins about how to create efficient wind power, even learning from termites how to create sustainable buildings!

Check out this website!

It Should Be Pretty Neat

Neature Walk – Episode 1

Last Wednesday the Climate Narrative crew got together and did the three things we usually do:

1) become more aware of some huge issue that seems unsolvable
2) see people who are making great strides in solving the issue
3) discuss ways we can tackle them

It changed a bit this last week, when our fearless leader, Jeff Biggers, asked us to talk about where we were on our projects. Many of us had the same topic in mind, which caused me a bit of panic BUT it also caused a surge of ideas, which brings me to my actual topic.

I plan to explore the effects of deforestation on the tree systems, surrounding animals, other plants, and air quality of the once forested area through the lens of a nature walk. Last week we discussed many issues surrounding deforestation and, like every other topic, I had a desire to learn more.

I have always had a small fascination with congregations of trees. Forests and I have a beautiful connection, in that I have never spent any time in a true forest. Being from the deserts of Southern California does not lend itself to much forest time, but I have longed for the lush green scene. Maybe that is why I came to Iowa.