Sculpture, Arts and Climate Change

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-8-47-32-am The website, Arts and Climate Change, has a nice section on the role of sculpture.

Here is one example: An installation culled from the sea of waste. In brief:


“Our delirious surplus of consumption is brought by water during floods and storms. These piles of objects coming from the floating world are links between the sea and the earth, a form of communication between these two great elements. Swallowed up, crushed, rolled over and digested by the sea, these objects are a testimony of human activity. Buried memories are recalled by a plastic bottle sandblasted by the wind, a plastic ball hardened by salt and time, the former wooden planks of a mariner, a plastic figurine or even a broken sole. The past interlocks with these sand blasted old pieces of wood, buried in the sand but in spite of it all still present, reemerging from the depths of the sea in the form of monsters and strange creatures. From the waters, a new way of life emerges…”

One thought on “Sculpture, Arts and Climate Change

  1. Kate Gylten

    I love the use of used objects re-purposed into different forms to take on a new meaning. They hold a lot of symbolism and is something that i want to have in my art project. I also like how there is movement to some pieces listed in the website, indicating an action. The idea of a process and movement is also intriguing to me.


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