Natalie’s Project Idea

I have an idea for a digital flash magazine called Generation Regenerative.  This would basically be a website of short digital content on a variety of the issues we have and will talk about in workshop.  The goal would be to provide engaging digital content– rather than just articles or pictures you would normally find in a magazine, the website would contain gifs, short clips, and audio pieces.

This could potentially be something everyone could contribute to if they were interested, but otherwise I was planning on relying on the “flash magazine” idea, meaning it would be a conglomeration of a lot of small, quick content–a 30-second video, gifs or infographics, multiple short, radio pieces using diverse soundscapes.


2 thoughts on “Natalie’s Project Idea

  1. Maggie Dressel

    This sounds awesome. Like a site I could get lost in–in the best way! I would be happy to contribute.


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