Energy Savings Can Be Fun, But There’s No Need To Turn Off All The Lights

Steve Reed uses OhmConnect, a service that pays customers to lower their energy use at home during periods of high demand.

Iowa Public Radio recently published a story about OhmConnect, an energy company that is promoting incremental changes to the way we use electricity.

Check out this short clip from their article:

Steve Reed of San Diego says he signed up for free with OhmConnect. He was eager to see how much his family could cut back on electricity at times when there is a high demand for it in the area.

Soon, he got a text prompting him to lower use for an hour — from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. the next day.

“The easiest thing in the beginning is to just avoid big power usage,” he says. “The big item for most people is actually their air conditioner or their heater, a stove or an oven or a microwave. The big big-ticket items.”

On days when there is a high demand for electricity, extra power plants have to turn on, and they tend to be more polluting.

“Any individual person couldn’t really do much about this,” he says. “This is something you can do that’s very easy, and it helps.”

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