CNP Fellow Anthony Lucio in the Daily Iowan

Nice profile on former Climate Narrative Project fellow Anthony Lucio in the Daily Iowan, highlighting Anthony’s role on campus and in the community.

Here’s a clip:

For Anthony Lucio, there are many reasons to bike. Despite the weather, he can be seen riding around campus year-round.

Lucio, a fifth-year graduate student in the University of Iowa Chemistry Department, said, “Even if it’s raining, I’ll bike to work.”

Lucio and wife Molly Lucio moved to Coralville in 2015, and he said biking was a form of transportation he had yet to try and a stress reliever as well.

“There are several reasons I enjoy biking,” he said. “I would consider myself a sustainability-minded person, but on top of that, it’s a money-saver as well.”

Anthony Lucio said he bikes 50 to 100 miles a week sometimes, and that is just to and from work.

Last fall, he participated in a bike-checkup event sponsored by the Office of Sustainability in which he was “tasked with tire inflation and pumped tires to the corresponding tire pressure.”

Outside of biking, he works for chemistry Assistant Professor Scott Shaw.

“[The Shaw Group] studies the liquid-solid interface,” Lucio said. “Basically, if you had a glass of water, we study the molecule of water that brushes against the molecule of glass.”

Down the road, he said, there are many applications to the work.

“It will definitely be relevant in future battery-storage applications, as well as environmental components as well,” he said.

Although the work is very fundamental in nature, Lucio said, it is crucial to understanding the interactions between liquid and solid molecules.

Continuing Lucio’s sustainable efforts, he was a fellow in last year’s Climate Narrative Project.

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