Natalie’s Outline


Generation Regenerative Content

Title Description Media
Why Do Less Bad When You Can Do More Good? This would be an interview with an Athlete, Professor, Business Owner, and Farmer in which I ask each one of them a scenario question all to prove the point: Instead of doing less bad, why not do more good? It just makes sense. Video
Is Nature Mad At Me? This would be a poem/satire of an ignorant person who can’t understand why nature is mad at them, because they “didn’t do anything wrong.” (Except they did and it’s called climate change.) Written Poem/Satire
Energy Of The Future Interviews with Energy Professor (Professor Priest) where they talk boringly about if we had the technology to support renewable energy and then have actors (or Professor Gogerty?) read the same thing in an overly excited voice Audio
Our Cities Should Be Dirtier A stand-up style piece pointing out problems with cities in a funny way (dirty, pollution, driving, no fresh food, energy) and proposing regenerative city ideas Written Satire/Comedy…possibly Audio
Regenerative City Is A Language We Can Understand This would be a short video featuring a variety of people saying the word “regenerative city” in a variety of languages. Video
Regenerative Cities Are Good For Instagram This would be like a fake advertisement or persuasive satire about why instagrammers should get behind the regenerative city initiative. Written comedy
The Formula For Innovation This would be a picture series of arts and sciences, left brainers and right brainers, and pressed flowers versus computer pieces in pictures together coexisting Pictures

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