Alejandro’s interview

I interviewed Jeffrey Recker, a student here at the University of Iowa. He gave me a better insight an understanding on the life of a college student, but also if environmental conditions such as global warming, food waste, plastic waste, etc have an impact on his life. As a student it’s sometime’s easy to say “why doesn’t the University change this or that to minimize the carbon foot print he have, or how can they make things more sustainable”, Jeff helped me understand why it is hard for this changes to happen. Jeff gave me a better understanding as to how average students see and react to climate change, we went into detail as to how he chooses what food to eat, if he is aware of what he eats, the possible impact an “ecodistrict” or green building can have on campus. I have recorded the interview for future use and might consider a second interview as a follow up with more questions about how do average college students think and deal with some of the questions we all have regarding climate change and possible “solutions”.

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