Revitalization News has a new feature on a planned “agri-tecture” proposal in Toronto, incorporating urban farming with building design.

Here’s a clip:

While community gardens and rooftop gardens are not new to Toronto’s multi-residential communities, Jonathan Westeinde, CEO of Windmill, says there’s another layer of integration that can ensure the city’s ongoing condo boom ends up more green than grey. “Being able to grow your own food where you live has always been how humans lived. It’s a recent North American phenomenon to identify food growth as something that takes place outside of the city center,” says Westeinde. “As developers, our opportunity to address this misconception ultimately rests with the land we own and the projects we introduce.”

Windmill has teamed with Curated Properties on The Plant, a mixed-used community that’s rooted in sustainability and residential agriculture, the project will be developed on the original site of the Dufflet Bakery, one of Toronto’s pioneering food production brands. The new building is designed according to the same One Planet Living principles guiding Windmill’s Zibi green redevelopment project in Ottawa (see related article in this issue of Revitalization News), with an extra emphasis on residential, urban agriculture.

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