Alejandro’s Project Finalized

Here’s a short clip of the project I’ll be presenting next Wednesday, May 3rd. Here are the first four scenes out of eleven scenes from my play. The play explores the psychological impact of climate change on us, the main character reverses this psychological impact on him with different techniques and methods that can help reduce our impact on the environment, including; carbon neutral neighborhoods, recycling and renewable energy, to name a few.

Scene 1: The introduction to the problem

[Everything is dark and all of the sudden the narrator starts to talk, as he starts to talk the light slowly start to shine more and more on stage, pointing at the character. At this time the character is facing a computer and giving his back to the audience]

[Introduce audio about typing keyboards]

Scene 2: Student sees video

[The video starts playing on the projector that’s on top of the character, so the audience can see what he is seeing. The video is about extreme climate events caused by climate change.]

Scene 3: Student Assimilates video

[After the video is done the character grabs his head and shakes it like in disbelief of what he has seen. Then the lights start to dim, till it is all dark and quiet]

Scene 4: Arrival of first friend

[One of his friends enters the room, a light will then point at the friend, and we will be illuminated until he walks on stage. Also as soon as the light shines on the friend when he enters the room, so will a weak light pointing at the main character. Once the friends enter the stage, the whole stage will be illuminated.]

[His friend makes eye contact with the main character and at that moment the friend pulls out a can of beer, at which same time there is an audio that resembles a party.]

[The depressed main character shakes his head, rejecting his friend idea. And asks his friend to leave, by pointing to the exit of the stage. The friend looks confused and rejected but follows his friends desire and exits the stage. Once he exits the stage the light stops following him. But one other light still remains on the main character.]




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