Update on Dawson’s Final Project

So it has been very tedious drawing this book project. I am an artist, so I have to make sure that the drawings reflect the story line, and each picture represents the message I am trying to get across for this project–not only to myself, but to my targeted audience whom are young of age. As I do have experience doing this, I forgot how much I put into making a book.

My original idea was to do an animated cartoon, and not a book, because it has been a long goal of mine to do that. But making a book is cool. The language aspect of it, which is what I initially wanted, is something that would take a long time to do, because translating is a hard to do. Our language is very descriptive, unlike the English language, where red means red. When a person says red, one is to automatically picture something red, an apple or a dress. Not only that, but then there is the recording aspect, where I’d have to find somebody who knows how to properly speak and get them to record the sentences. Our language is dying out, so it would be harder to find somebody to find the time to come and do this, especially if I wanted to portray a young person, I’d have to have a young person come and do this, which would be harder, because they probably don’t know the language. Our language is a breath language, so even the way you breathe or let out a breath, could change the whole meaning of the word. So it is a little more difficult then I imagined to do, and I will continue to pursue that goal, long after this project is complete.

I have been drawing like a madman trying to make this project the best I can with what little I have and with what little time I have, as I have been dealing with a lot here at home. It’s hard to get my head back into school, when my family and community have endured so much in the past month. I have done my best to focus on school, but my family and community will always come before anything. That is something that can’t be compromised. However, I have been thinking and working on this project because I have made that commitment, and also because I do not want to let the rest of the group down. So I ask for your patience, and know that I am doing my best to give you a great product. I strive to make you all proud, and to represent my culture to the best of my ability.

I am super blessed to have been a part of this project and to be with you all, you have all inspired me to be better, each and every class, and to learn more about the climate, and to understand the importance of taking care of not only the planet, but ourselves.

I have learned so much from this class, (you’re all dope in my book) and hope that you all continue in your journey to make our planet a better place, not only for us, but for future generations. Anyway, I just wanted to post about my project and it is coming along…I just have to color somethings in, and work on my sentences….I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my artwork, and my books. But I will have it done, no doubt. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s work.

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