Erica’s Final Project

For my final project I am creating a children’s book.

Title: Clay and The Change in the Iowa River


Setting: The Iowa River

Prairie- In the beginning it is just the fish and the other animals. The land is filled with rich prairie, and the water is very clear, so clear that the fish looks up to the sky (reference to clean air.)

Then settlers come – they seem harmless at first, but then changes in the environment begin to change– (first their animals and the people just drink from the stream/wash their clothes in it. Then before the fish knows it everything is industrialized-imagery of factory, runoff, and lack of prairie. (quick change).)

Regenerative (restoring the prairie, converting to organic farming (minimize nitrides in the water from lack of pesticide and fertilizer use, Clay notes the bugs returning), houses begin using grey water, VFI are installed in lake, people CHOSE to not dump in the lake


Main character: -oldest fish in the word – Name:  Clay(reference to soil of earth.)

Asher, Clay’s friend

Other important characters: Sage – (meaning “wise one”) child who befriends Clay and Asher


Important Notes:

-Emphasis on fish life being comparatively long to the settlement of humans

-rich prairie, deep root structures, a lot of animal life

-its ok when settlers first come, but the change happens quickly

-the change (what humans did to the environment)

-change only gets worse and worse, but the fish keeps on living

-Clay has a friend Asher who becomes sick from agricultural run off
-little girl is by the water, Sage, and she notices Clay in the water

-Sage is a very mature little girl with little friends They have a conversation

-Sage decides to involve her family who raises awareness about Clay’s friend Asher becoming sick

-Asher’s story inspires the family to convert from industrialized arg. To organic farming

-the family changing their way of farming inspires other farmers to change their farming habits, eventually leading to a cultural shift in farming that aims to work with the earth instead of against it

-the book ends years later after the fish continues to live and he is having a conversation with Sage, who is now grown up and owns her mother’s farm, where she explains all the changes that have happened in the agricultural world




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