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BBC Story on Invasive Species–More to Come with Climate Migration?

BBC Newshour ran a story today on the Brown Tree Snake, an invasive species that is causing quite a problem for the ecosystem in Guam. Dr. Haldre Rogers, Assistant Professor in the
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology at Iowa State University, calls the snake the “poster child” for invasive species and their impact. Believed to be brought over in the 1940s, the snake has since wiped out much of the local bird populations. The birds were essential to spreading the seeds of certain local trees and many of these trees are dying out. One invasive species can have a huge ripple effect on entire ecosystems.


Humans are not the only forced climate migrants. Animals are quickly losing their habitat and moving to new areas newly hospitable to them. The migration changes are altering ecosystems in ways we cannot predict–and we can assume will continue to do so as the global climate changes.


BBC Newshour 3/8/17 jump to minutes 18-23 for referenced interview.


LA Times: America’s climate refugee crisis has already begun

Two young boys walk along the boardwalk in the village of Newtok, Alaska in October of 2004. (Jedediah R. Smith / For the Times)

An Op-Ed by Victoria Herrmann about the climate migration already happening in the United States.  This piece explains how the rising sea levels and melting of permafrost in Newtok, Alaska has forced people out of their homes. It is believed that the highest point in Newtok will be underwater by 2017.

Read about it here