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Eco Hawks

Check out this Eco Hawk video that explains the importance of sustainability at the University of Iowa and many ways you can get involved!

Join the Screen Shot 2016 04 20 at 12.39.52 PM Movement!

"Being part of the Eco Hawk community has broadened my understanding of sustainability. By engaging on campus in student organizations and in the community through local events I have learned about and benefited from some of the best parts of the Iowa City community."

-Maya Nevels

Eco Hawks is a network of students, staff, faculty, and community members committed to advancing the University of Iowa's 2020 Sustainability Vision. Your leadership is needed! Interested in being an Eco Hawk? Sign up here! It only takes a few minutes.

There are countless things you can do to contribute to the Eco Hawk community including...

Tools to help you make a positive impact:

Make use of this package of tools to advance your pursuit of sustainability.

  • Toolkit:  What actions can you take?  Why are they important and how are they done?
  • Visibility:  Display your commitment to sustainability.
  • Newsletter:  Highlights of Eco Hawk stories and sustainability concepts you can act on.    
  • Training:  Meet Eco Hawks, explore concepts, and determine your next step.  
  • Listserv:  Connect to Eco Hawks with questions and ideas (

Eco Hawks FAQ

Add the Eco Hawks logo to your email signature.  Find previous newsletters here.

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Sign Up/ Pledge To Be An Eco Hawk!

Sign up and take the Eco Hawk Pledge

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Eco Hawks GOLD

What is Eco Hawk GOLD?Eco Hawk GOLD is a program designed to immerse and involve students in sustainability at a level t...

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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Join a Student Organization!One of the ways the University of Iowa fosters leadership is by encouraging involvement in s...

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Lifestyle Changes

One important aspect of sustainability is making some small lifestyle change in your living space, office and/or classro...

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Tools you can use

                             Toolkit Run through our campus best practices checklist in waste reduction, energy reductio...

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Academic Involvement

There are many ways to get involved with Sustainability at UI through academics, fellowships, independent studies, stude...

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Eco Hawk program FAQs

Have a question about Eco Hawks? Here's where you can find your answers.

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Have a question about Eco Hawks or sustainability on campus? Contact us:Liz ChristiansenDirector, Office of Sustainabili...

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