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Green Dorm Room

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Green Packing List

What to Bring:

  • LED or CFL Light bulbs for any lamps you plan to bring
  • Power strips that will protect against energy consumption even when electronics are not in use
  • Bicycle, helmet, bike lock and lights
  • Reusable water bottle, cutlery, plates, napkins, bags, Tupperware, etc.
  • Natural laundry detergent and cleaning products
  • Energy Star certified electronics and appliances
  • House plants to improve air quality

Leave at Home:

  • Disposable items such as paper towels, plastic cutlery, paper plates, etc.
  • Don’t bring a car. You can walk, bike or take a Cambus anywhere on campus.
  • Unnecessary electrical appliances, such as printers. ITS provides printers at several locations across campus.
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • Cleaning products and cosmetics that contain toxic ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, dyes, bleach and petroleum products.
  • Air freshener plug-ins.


  • Buy used items whenever possible. This will save you money, and decrease your carbon footprint.
  • If purchasing new, buy items with recycled content and/or that are local, fair trade or organic.
  • Pack with reusable containers such as laundry baskets and plastic bins. If you must use cardboard boxes, make sure to save or recycle them.

 Get the PDF version of the Green Packing List here!


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