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Academic Involvement

There are many ways to get involved with Sustainability at UI through academics, fellowships, independent studies, student government, and much more!

Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Accomplishing this goal requires an understanding of human and environmental systems and the complex interactions between them. Any academic major as students take courses in multiple departments to create the breadth of knowledge required to address current and future societal, environmental and economic challenges and opportunities. The 24 semester hour Certificate rewards the production of creative projects as a display of capability beyond discipline-specific accomplishments. The certificate consists of 3 core courses, four breadth electives, and one project course.

View the Certificate in Sustainability requirements in detail here.

For more information contact the Sustainability Certificate Advisor:

Jennifer Stacy-Adams

C210 Pomerantz Center

(319) 353-5700 

University of Iowa Student Government


Dedicated to sustainable initiatives, the University of Iowa Student Government has The Green Initiative Fund (GIF). The grant is offered through UISG & ECGPS, and is for students and student organizations that have projects or events that promote sustainable or green practices and outcomes. To apply visit:

Living Learning Communities

First year students are required to live in Living Learning Communities in residence halls. LLCs are an avenue for making friends and connecting with the campus community. These communities are the perfect place to embrace adventure, broaden horizons, and make the most of the college years.

Green Adventures LLC
green adventuresGreen Adventures is an eco-friendly community that aims to educate residents about our effect on the environment, while also allowing students to experience, give back to, and appreciate nature. It provides students with opportunities to learn about and reconnect to our beautiful earth.

Kitchen Table LLC
kitchen tableLearn to prepare healthy and delicious recipes in the Kitchen Table community. Students will focus on health, caring about others, and understanding how our food choices impact the environment. As a community, they explore the importance of food, not only the nutritional value, but also as a representation of culture, current events, and social politics. This LLC  discovers many aspects of food; its preparations, meanings, and origins.

Climate Narrative Project

The Climate Narrative Project is a special media arts initiative in the Office of Sustainability at the University of Iowa, designed to reach across academic disciplines and chronicle regenerative approaches to energy, food, agriculture, water and waste management, community planning and transportation. Selected Fellows work with Writer-in-Residence Jeff Biggers on semester-long investigative projects, using visual arts, film, radio, theatre, dance, spoken word and creative writing mediums. Each semester, fellows focus on a specific sustainability topic. The Climate Narrative Project is an investigative initiative: What accounts for the gap between science and action on climate change, and what can we do more effectively to communicate informed stories and galvanize action?

Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities


The Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities (IISC) is a campus-wide engaged learning organization located in the Provost’s Office of Outreach & Engagement. The IISC partners with rural and urban communities across Iowa to match students and faculty to projects that are proposed by our partners and address priorities for advancing quality of life in the state. The IISC matches community needs with the expertise and resources of the University of Iowa faculty and students, and continuously adds new faculty and courses to the initiative. Learn more at their website.


The UI Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research is a state-funded institute devoted to studying and bettering our environment. The Center promotes interdisciplinary research on the many aspects of global environmental change. CGRER assists Iowa’s agencies, industries, politicians, and citizens as they prepare for accelerated environmental change. Visit the CGRER website for all the resources the Center has to offer.

Certificate in Sustainability Contact

Jenni Stacy-Adams
C210 Pomerantz Center
319.353.5700 (phone)

News & Events Climate Narrative Blog

Sustainability at Iowa

1650 University Capitol Centre
200 South Clinton St.
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-5516