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Tools you can use


Run through our campus best practices checklist in waste reduction, energy reduction, transportation, and participation.  See what you already do well, and determine what to pursue next.  It's a great tool to have at meetings for sharing and asking, "What steps can we take?"


Make the commitment to sustainability visible.  

  • Certificate:  Sign-up for Eco Hawks, and receive a cool Eco Hawks certificate.  We are still getting these out after the first round of sign-ups!
  • Email signature:  Add an Eco Hawks logo to your email signature.  Click here for a small logo, medium, or large
    • Once open, right click and choose "save picture as" and save the picture as a ".jpg"
    • In Outlook for staff and faculty, click "new email," and then find the "signature" button to add or modify a signature.
    • In Hawkmail for students, click "options," then "see all options," and then "settings."
    • You can also hyperlink text or a picture in your email signature to our website:
  • Prompts:  We will be adding to this section.  Prompts to encourage people to turn off the lights or unplug the coffee maker over the weekend are examples of what's to come. 


We share Eco Hawk success stories, sustainability concepts, and campus applications.


Approximately 75 faculty, staff and students attended Eco Hawk training March 11 and 12. We covered sustainability concepts, campus applications, and how to utilize the tools listed below.  Eco Hawks networked and learned from each other during the session (See gallery below). If you missed this training, another session will be held this fall.

faculty and staff Eco Hawks March 2015 cropped


Sign-up to join the Eco Hawk network, and you'll be added to the Eco Hawks listserv.  Send questions, feedback, or success stories to other Eco Hawks listserv members.  

  •, once you become an Eco Hawk, you will be added to the listserv and can use this address to contact Eco Hawks.
  • You may find it useful to create an "Eco Hawks" folder in your inbox and funnel messages from ECOHAWKS@LIST.UIOWA.EDU to this folder.  Detailed instructions can be found here.  You can get started here:
  • If using the online version of Hawkmail, click on "Options" to find "Create an Inbox Rule."
  • If using the desktop version of Outlook, you can create this rule for incoming messages and a new folder in the "Rules" option in the home toolbar.

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