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Leaving a Healthy Farm Legacy: SILT’s Impact on Future Generations

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Iowa City Senior Center Rm 202

The 100 Grannies of Iowa City wraps up its Barbara Schlachter Memorial Lecture Series with Suzan Erem, president and co-founder of the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust, launched in January 2015 to permanently protect land to grow healthy food.

Escalating land prices jeopardize the hard work that has built our vibrant farmers’ markets, locally-sourced restaurants, Community Supported Agriculture and food co-ops. But without immediate and lasting action, local healthy food will become a passing fad. The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust is making it forever instead, through permanent protection of the land for sustainable food farming. Hear from one of SILT’s founders how this three-year-old organization has already changed lives and local economies and how its mission will improve public health and the environment for generations to come. 

Cost: free

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100 Grannies of Iowa City

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