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Are you interested in learning more about growing dedicated energy crops for The University of Iowa Biomass Fuel Project? We need to to establish up to 2,500 acres of biomass crops locally by 2020 and need growers who have plots of 'marginal' lands to grow miscanthus.  Minimum plot size should be about 10-acres, and within 50 - miles of Iowa City.

The Biomass Fuel Project is always looking to expand biomass feedstock options through the employment of farmers, forestry managers, or other individuals interested in advancing the project. The university is also looking for interested students, faculty, and staff interested in projects associated with supply chain management, engineering, energy, and more.


Erin Hazen 

Renewable Energy Business Development Manager

320E University Services Building

Iowa City, IA 52240



Ingrid Gronstal-Anderson

Compliance Specialist 

200 University Services Building

Iowa City, IA 52240




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