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Project Background

The Biomass Fuel Project was established in 2003 in response to University of Iowa President Sally Mason’s goal of creating a sustainable university. The Biomass Fuel Project coincides with the second goal of the 2020 Vision to green the University of Iowa’s energy portfolio. “Greening” an energy portfolio is the process of identifying and implementing renewable resources that can replace or offset fossil fuel consumption. 


The University will pursue a renewable energy supply strategy that will optimizes long-term supply and fuel price stability, while preserving an ability to test and take advantage of other potential fuels in order to achieve the goal of 40% renewable energy consumption on the campus by 2020.

  1. Assess and improve the environmental impacts of new and existing biomass crops and fuels
  2. Create and improve agricultural and supply chain practices related to cropping, processing, and burning of biomass for the use of biopower
  3. Open new research opportunities in production, characterization, testing, and use of biomass fuel sources
  4. Develop and publish standards for biomass testing and combustion characterization of potential biomass fuels and fuel blends
  5. Stimulate production of new energy crops be researching, piloting, and test burning alternative biorenewables

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