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Energy Conservation

One of the UI 2020 Vision goals is to achieve net-negative energy growth, which means consuming less energy on campus in 2020 than consumed in 2010 despite projected growth. To achieve this goal, the UI has employed energy conservation efforts, built LEED facilities, modernized aged building systems and nurtured a culture of conservation.

Some of the strategies include:

  • Update building design standards to lower the impact of growth.
  • Pursue aggressive energy conservation opportunities.
  • Building HVAC systems will be upgraded employing more energy efficient designs.
  • Commissioning and Retro-commissioning efforts will become standard practices.

UI community is encouraged to employ sustainable computing practices, power down over weekends and breaks and be responsible energy consumers.

Professor Therm

Professor Therm

Professor Therm is the UI's expert on all things energy

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Energy Control Center

The Energy Control Center serves as a centralized location for the monitoring, analysis, and efficient dispatching of ut...

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Summer General Assignment Classroom Energy Reduction Plan

In Summer 2014, a General Assignment Classroom (GAC) implemented energy reduction plan and will continue it for Summer 2...

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Sustainable Computing

At the University of Iowa, Information Technology Services power management and best practices are set at the local leve...

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Power Down During Breaks

Power Down During Breaks

Before you leave your work or living area over break, please take five minutes to complete five small actions to help re...

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Energy Conservation Progress and Success

The University of Iowa has achieved success in energy conservation by completing projects such as lighting upgrades, bui...

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Have a Question?

Have questions about energy conservation or want to schedule a presentation?

Contact Doug Litwiller, Associate Director, Energy Conservation, 319-384-3658,

Tours of the Power Plant and Energy Control Center are available by appointment

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