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Recycling and Waste Reduction


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Daily Iowan: Rummage in the Ramp promotes reuse and recycling

At the end of every July, abandoned couches and derelict furniture fill the street curbs of Iowa City, killing grass, enraging neighbors, and ending up in the Iowa City Landfill.Af...

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Volunteers Collect 25,000 Pounds of Donations During Move Out

During the University of Iowa's “Donate Don’t Dump” event May 10-13, 66 volunteers collected more than 25,000 pounds of donations, helping keep valuable materials out to the landfi...

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'Donate Don't Dump:' Students pass on items amid move-out bustle

From the Gazette: Hoisting couches onto a Penske moving truck doesn’t qualify as fun for most. But when you’re doing it on a gorgeous spring day in Iowa City, with the summer and a...

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