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What to Recycle

This detailed guide will give you information and some tips on how to recycle on the University of Iowa campus. Look for this recycling poster around campus.

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Picture1Small items, like paperclips, rubber bands, and staples can remain attached to your documents upon recycling.






Picture5 Plastic or metal bindings can be recycled, but they need to be removed from their paper document first, and then both the binding and paper can be put into single-stream.






LORI booksTo reduce lifting and hauling hazard by placing in multiple containers. Put no more than five textbooks in one single-stream recycling bin. For large lots, contact UI Surplus and fill out a removal request form.






Recycle in bins, but don't overload. For large lots, contact UI Surplus and fill out a removal request form.






Picture7Empty container, free of liquid or food.





Paper Cups


Empty paper cups.  Remove sleeve and lid, and recycle all three.  Styrofoam cups are trash.






Plastic bottles, jugs,containers, cups



Empty and free of liquid. Lids can be on or off.





Plastic Containers



Empty containers, free from food or liquid.






Flatten cardboard.  Recycle pizza box if minimally greasy.  If greasy, recycle only top.



Aluminum, Steel Cans, Foil

foilEmpty and free of liquid and food.





Paper and Plastic Plates, Paper Carryout Containers


 Paper plate, paper carryout, and plastic plate, recycle if clean.


Newspapers, Magazines, Junk Mail



What NOT To Recycle

These items are NOT accepted in the University of Iowa recycling bins.  Some items, such as glass and plastic bags can b...

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Send me the recycling newsletter!

Send me the recycling newsletter!

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