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Parking and Security


Bicyclists should always use bicycle racks to protect property, pedestrians and access to University facilities. Bikes shouldn’t be parked inside university buildings, or attached or rested against trees, signs, handrails, handicap parking meters, or street furniture. You could be cited for violating these regulations. 

See this interactive map of bike rack locations on campus and in downtown Iowa City. The map also shows bike lockers, showers, paths, and fix-it stations.

Bicycle Security

  • Never leave your bike unlocked.
  •  Lock both wheels and the frame of the bike to the rack. Securing your bike only by the frame or only by the wheel, makes it vulnerable to theft. 
  • Do not leave your bike in an area unattended for an extended period of time.
  • Register your bicycle.  Thieves generally look for bikes that do not have any identification on them. Registration will also help authorities return your bike to you in case it is picked up as abandoned or found.

If your bicycle is stolen

  • Report a stolen bike to UI Police Department immediately or call the local police department within the community where the bike was stolen.
  • Provide the bike registration number, serial number, make, model, size and color.

Learn more about bike parking and security from UI Parking and Transportation.

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