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Be a Green Event Volunteer

Through a new program, Green Event Volunteers are being sought to help with waste diversion efforts at events at the Iowa Memorial Union.

This program, organized by UI Student Government Sustainability Liason Shelby Cain, aims to make large events at the IMU more sustainable. Volunteers will be staffing the compost and recycling stations, directing attendees to place food and compostable materials in the compost bin, plastics and aluminum in recycling, and other materials such as candy wrappers in the trash.Green Event Volunteers will be directed by a shift leader who will assign positions and give them instructions on how to staff the event.

The first trial event Green Event Volunteers are going to be participating in is the Fresh Check Day on Hubbard Park April 5 and people can sign up at this link: which also includes a Green Event Volunteer Guide. Contact Shelby Cain for more information.

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