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Sustainable Citizen Profile: Solomon Worlds

Name: Solomon Worlds
Position(s) on Campus: Intern for the mayor pro tempore of Iowa City, Member of President’s Black Student Advisory Committee
Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire?: Earth
Milk or Dark Chocolate?: Milk
Favorite song/Artist?: Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes
Fun Fact: My middle name is actually “Furious.”

Solomon Worlds is a senior majoring in psychology, music, and is on the pre law track. He first became immersed in the world of sustainability after participating in a Carver Cleanup event his freshman year. Since then, he has also participated in the Climate Narrative Project to produce an educational and entertaining video about enjoying nature. 

Solomon believes that is crucial to also engage in the local community to expedite progress for both the Iowa City Community and University of Iowa. His internship for the major pro tempore has given him perception on just how interconnected these two parts of Iowa City are. After he graduates, he plans to attend law school with a potential focus on environmental law. Good luck, Solomon!

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