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UI Realized Energy Savings from Fault Detection and Diagnostics Program

The University of Iowa Fault Detection & Diagnostics Program was selected for publication in APPA: Leadership in Educational Facilities' March issue of Facilities Manager magazine featuring Sustainability Best Practices case studies from institutions large and small throughout North America. 

Read the submission by Katie Rossmann, manager, data analytics & commissioning at "University of Iowa Fault Detection & Diagnostics Program." or below.

In 2014, University of Iowa Facilities Management began an exhaustive study of a Big Data evolution in building systems management - Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD).
After visiting Microsoft’s Redmond Campus and seeing the substantial impact FDD had on their operations, UI embarked on a groundbreaking, large-scale effort to implement
FDD in a campus environment.
     By March 2017, UI deployed FDD in 20 buildings across campus encompassing academic, lab, recreational, and office spaces. Integration included all major HVAC equipment, air handling units (AHU), heating water/chilled water (HW/CHW) systems, pumps, terminal units, and four different Building Automation Systems (BAS).Within six months, UI realized $600,000 in energy savings and demonstrated 24% of quarterly work orders were generated by FDD for predictive maintenance—transitioning the organization from reactive to planned mode. During this time, the UI team addressed 117 energy issues, 171 comfort issues and 304 maintenance issues. UI also leveraged FDD for commissioning two newly constructed buildings and warranty punch lists.

     The successful adoption of a new data-driven culture generated insight and best practices, which UI shared publicly on-stage at APPA’s Annual Conference and APPA Institute in 2017.


The other submissions can be read in their entirety at "3 Dozen Sustainability Best Practices," Facilities Manager magazine, 03/2018.

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