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Our Student Sustainability Ambassadors participate in education and outreach to help University of Iowa students understand how they can be more sustainable in their communities. These ambassadors present chosen topics to student orgs, sports clubs, FSL, etc. to find ways students can incorporate sustainability into their routines. They also give insight on what our office does and how students can get involved with our work. 

To improve sustainability efforts, request for a Student Sustainability Ambassador to talk with your group. 

Our Student Sustainability Ambassadors are listed below with topics they can present.

       Topic          Ambassador(s)
Waste reduction and recycling Emily Manders, Hunter Staszak 
Composting Julia Krist, Emily Manders, Hunter Staszak
Sustainable event planning (inlcuding low-waste) Julia Krist, Emily Manders, Hunter Staszak, Zoe Hamstreet
Sustainability in fraternity & sorority life Amanda Dian (FSL Liaison) 
Value of local food and farmers markets Julia Krist, Lillie Klauer
Representation in sustainability Julia Krist, Hallie Lartius
How to get involved with Iowa City sustainability Julia Krist
UISG Green Initiatives Fund Emily Manders
Sustainability major and certificate programs Hunter Staszak
Course projects in sustainability Hunter Staszak
Greenhouse gases (laws, calculations, control technologies) Guadalupe "Lupe" Munoz Rocha
Pesticides (what they are, what they do, federal laws/programs) Guadalupe "Lupe" Munoz Rocha
Environmental engineering major Guadalupe "Lupe" Munoz Rocha
Sustainable communications Hallie Lartius
How to talk about sustainability Hallie Lartius
How can sustainability be incorporated into your major/club/department? Lillie Klauer
Apartment sustainability Zoe Hamstreet
An overview of social, economic, and environmental sustainability Zoe Hamstreet

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