Eco Hawk FAQ

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Who can be an Eco Hawk?  

Any University of Iowa student, staff, or faculty member.

Is Eco Hawks a student organization?

No, Eco Hawks is a network of students, faculty and staff who are interested in furthering sustainability and campus and beyond. There are no regular meetings, but we do hold workshops. 

Is there time commitment required to be an Eco Hawk? 

Minimally, being an Eco Hawk means signing up and taking a pledge (2 minutes) and receiving monthly emails. At this level, reading the emails will allow you to gain knowledge of sustainability concepts, campus applications, and campus success stories. You can choose to share messages, make sustainability a conversation topic at meetings, or, for instance, schedule a recycling walk-through of your building to improve recycling.

What can I expect from the monthly newsletter? 

These will include Eco Hawk testimony and success stories, news of campus sustainability progress, sustainability tips, student projects, highlights from the Eco Hawks toolkit, and news and stories from other campuses and national outlets. The goal is to offer compelling information that will speak to a broad range of students, staff, and faculty.

Are my Eco Hawk activities limited to the building or department in which I work, live, or study?  

No. You are welcome to promote sustainability anywhere that you're interested in!

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