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Interdisciplinary Research

eld1UI is committed to discovery and innovation through interdisciplinary research and encourages faculty and student collaboration to address sustainability issues. Interdisciplinary research centers not only contribute to academic knowledge but also facilitate UI outreach to the local community, the state of Iowa, and beyond.

Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research

The Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research promotes interdisciplinary research on many aspects of global environmental change including natural ecosystems, environments, and resources, and effects on human health, culture, and social systems. CGRER accomplishes its goals through awarding seed grants, fostering interdisciplinary courses, providing research facilities, and holding seminars and symposia. CGRER works with Iowa agencies, industries, institutions, and citizens to prepare for environmental change. 

Recently, the CGRER’s research projects have included the Johnson County Air Quality Study, research on the effects of climate change on agriculture, and air quality monitoring and modeling in the European Union.

Public Policy Center

The Public Policy Center investigates policy issues related to the environment, health, housing and land use, social science, and transportation. PPC also offers applied research training opportunities for over 40 graduate and undergraduate students and offers lectures and symposia designed to bring together researchers, policymakers, business leaders, students, the public, and other key stakeholders.

Recent PPC research includes projects related to ecosystem management of regionally abundant invasive plants, economic growth and the environment, and smart growth and housing affordability.

Environmental Health Sciences Research Center

The Environmental Health Sciences Research Center’s research focuses on addressing environmental health problems across the urban-rural continuum. The EHSRC’s specific goals are to develop and expand innovative interdisciplinary environmental health sciences research regarding adverse health effects of current and emerging environmental contaminants among rural and agricultural populations and to provide outreach and engagement in an effort to translate research findings into improvement in the health and environment of rural people in the Midwest and the nation.

EHSRC researchers have investigated aerosol dispersion rates, the controversy over the use of DDT to control malaria, and the air quality of concentrated animal feeding operations.

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