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Winter Warrior Bike Challenge 2016

Congratulations and thank you

Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the challenge! It's been a chilly one. About 160 people have actively participated in the challenge biking over 9,000 miles all together. If all of those miles were spent driving, we saved about *6,870 lbs (3.4 US tons) of CO2 from being emitted, which is equivalent to about **3 acres of forest saved!

Wheeldeer sleigh MattieuBiger


The Winter Warrior Challenge is intended to encourage winter biking as a healthy, fun and environmentally-sound way to commute to work or class. Hopefully the challenge has shown that you can bike in the winter if you take the necessary measures to do so. The challenge may have been for a few weeks (Nov. 28 - Dec. 16) but we know the riding doesn't stop there. Make sure to look at these winter tips when planning rides.

 Also, a huge shout out to all our sponsors contributing to this challenge! This event wouldn't be possible without them.

Final Leader Board

Top 5:

NameTotal PointsPrize
1) Jim Cremer973Weekend fat bike rental from WOB
2) Duane Staskal912Tune-Up from Broken Spoke
3) Emily Ostby820Bike Library Jersey
4) Ruxton Smith775Planet bike front and back light from Broken Spoke
5) Russell Buri709$25-30 value gloves and hand warmer from Active Endeavors

Winter Warrior Bike Challenge Leader Board (w/all the data) 

Consistent Rider Prize (8):

Given out to those who were consistent riders throughout the challenge. Those who did not win a prize were given priority so prizes could be distributed more evenly (in case of a tie). Each individual will have their choice of winter hat from the Hawk Shop. Consistent Rider Prize winners:

Baylie Martin,Jay Geisen, John Heineman, Jeremy Bockholt, Lisa Miles, Madeline Ungs, Matthew Kieffer, Matthew Kressin

Most Encouraging Rider:

Rider who has encouraged the most people to join and actively participate in the challenge. Most Encouraging Rider:

Matthieu Biger (encouraged a total of 4 riders)

Photo Prize

The top 3 photos by Greg Schmidt, David Moser, and Madeline Ungs:
First Snow Ride1 Greg SchmidtSanta Suit Bike Commute with NonMagical Reindeer DavidMoser2Ungs danceclass

Again, thank you to all of those that made this Winter Warrior Bike Challenge a great one!

What is the Winter Warrior Challenge?

The challenge encourages biking during the winter time and shows that University of Iowa is still a bike-friendly campus year-round.

To take the challenge, log miles and rides each week. The more miles and rides you log, the more points you earn. When you log your rides, you get the chance to win prizes!

It's a good way to get active and start or continue commuting by bicycle.

This year it took place from Nov. 28 to Dec. 16.

*U.S. Energy Information Administration (used conversion of about 18.95 lbs of CO2 for every gallon of gasoline); **EPA (used 1.06 mt CO2 / acre)


Register for the 2016 Winter Warrior Challenge

Register for the individual 2016 Winter Warrior Challenge; provide your name, email, and affiliation.

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Photo Challenge

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