Spring 2023 Courses

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Topic Area Course Title Description
Geographical, Environmental, & Sustainability Sciences     
  BIOL:2673 Ecology
  CBE:2040 Environment, Energy, and Climate Change
  EES:3070 Marine Ecosystems and Conservation
  GEOG:2950 Environmental Conservation
  GEOG:1020 The Global Environment
  GEOG:3350 Urban Ecology
  EES:1030 Intro to Earth Science
  EES:1080 Intro to Environmental Science
  EES:1400 Natural Disasters
Systems, Justice, and Global Issues    
  SOC:1040 Energy, Sustainability, & Society
  RHET:3700 Advocacy and Sustainability
  GEOG:1046 Environmental Politics in India
  AMST:1154 Food in America
  CBE:4459 Air Pollution Technology
  CEE:3790 Resilient Infrastructure and Emergency Response
  GEOG:3210 Health, Work, and the Environment
  GEOG/GHS:3300 Sustainable Development Alternatives
  GEOG/GHS:3780 U.S. Energy Policy in Global Context
  POLI:2417 Comparative Environmental Policy
  GEOG/GHS:3760 Hazards & Society
  EES:3150 Sustainability Project
  CBE:4410/CEE:4107 Sustainable Systems
  GEOG:1070 Contemporary Environmental Issues
  GEOG:1090 Globalization & Geographic Diversity
  GEOG:2013 Intro to Sustainability
  GEOG:2910 The Global Economy
  GEOG:3920 Planning Liveable Cities
  GEOG:3940 Transportation Economics
  PBAF/URP:1030 Climate Leadership and Justice
  ANTH:2261 Human Impacts on the Environment
  URP:4253 Designing Sustainable and Healthy Cities
Geographic Information Systems    
  GEOG:1030 Our Digital Earth
  GEOG:1050 Foundations of GIS
  GEOG:3540 Geographic Visualization
  GEOG:3570 LiDAR: Principles and Applications
  CEE:5310 Informatics for Sustainable Systems
  FREN:1007 Nature/Ecology French Philosophy and Fiction
  MKTG:4250 Marketing and Sustainability
  ENTR:1800 Innovation in Action: Sustainability