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Sustainability in Academics

Sustainability is weaved throughout the learning and research platforms at the University of Iowa. The University is dedicated to the inclusion of sustainability across all departments and is committed to the inclusion of environmental, economic and social understanding of sustainability within our academic mission.

The University of Iowa’s sustainability-focused academic programs gave me the tools and experience to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges!

Emily Manders

For undergraduate students, we offer both a B.S. in Sustainability Science and a Certificate in Sustainability through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Students also have an opportunity to engage in a variety of courses related to sustainability, led by professors who bring unique perspectives to their academia and research that fosters critical thinking skills about the impact of living and working sustainably. Our Graduate School offers a M.S. in Sustainable Development to train students for opportunities at state and federal agencies, national laboratories, policy think tanks, and in the private sector.

We also maintain a searchable list of available programs in Sustainability and related topics. For more information, visit our Academic Program Finder page.

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