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Biking at Iowa

As part of its 2020 Vision, the UI is committed to reducing the carbon impact of transportation and is seeking 10% reduction in per capita emissions of fossil fuel-produced CO2 from University-related transportation and travel. One of the ways you can help reduce this impact is to bike to work or class. 

Biking at Iowa is an environmentally-friendly and healthy alternative to driving on campus. Whether it's commuting, competitive biking, or anything in between, Iowa is a great place to bike. The League of American Bicyclists has designated the University of Iowa as a Silver Bicycle Friendly University.

See Parking and Transportation's Biking Page for information on: 

See the UI Department of Public Safety's tips to prevent bike theft.

Bicycle riders should follow the rules of the road along with motor vehicles. Adhering to the laws protects you and other motorists. Remember...

Here are some additional resources on biking in the Iowa City community and beyond, including maps, bike clubs and advocacy groups: 

Iowa City...

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