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The President's Commitment

Sustainability must and will become a central priority of all aspects of our university enterprise—our operations, our academic mission, and our responsibilities to the greater society.

Former President Sally Mason, Earth Day 2008

Former University of Iowa President Sally Mason's visionary speech on sustainability was delivered on Earth Day 2008. She called for a new-found commitment on the part of the University to achieve sustainability locally, in its own daily activities, and globally, in its work to serve Iowa and the world through education, research and service. She summoned University faculty, staff and students to be active participants in the cause.

UI President Bruce Harreld is continuing this commitment to sustainability, declaring it “the most important issue of the 21st century.” He called on campus leaders to ensure that students learn skills to tackle complicated problems and to expand research that will lead to sustainable solutions.

Significant progress has been made on these goals from 2010 to 2015. The UI Sustainability Charter Committee, comprised of students, faculty and staff representatives, is currently developing new initiatives to meet President Harreld’s challenge. With focused work and the President’s leadership, we will achieve our goals and be in the position to reach for new targets.