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The University of Iowa has set a goal for one hundred percent of undergraduate students to complete at least one sustainability-related course before graduating.  Some colleges have already begun to implement work towards this goal.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students entering UI Summer 2022 and after must complete at least one Sustainability course before graduating.

Courses That Meet The CLAS Sustainability Course Requirement

College of Public Health and College of Education have also adopted a sustainability requirement.

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More Sustainability Courses

Topic Area Course Title Description
Geographical, Environmental, & Sustainability Sciences     
  BIOL:2673 Ecology
  CBE:2040 Environment, Energy, and Climate Change
  EES:3070 Marine Ecosystems and Conservation
  GEOG:2950 Environmental Conservation
  GEOG:1020 The Global Environment
  GEOG:3350 Urban Ecology
  EES:1030 Intro to Earth Science
  EES:1080 Intro to Environmental Science
  EES:1400 Natural Disasters
Systems, Justice, and Global Issues    
  SOC:1040 Energy, Sustainability, & Society
  RHET:3700 Advocacy and Sustainability
  GEOG:1046 Environmental Politics in India
  AMST:1154 Food in America
  CBE:4459 Air Pollution Technology
  CEE:3790 Resilient Infrastructure and Emergency Response
  GEOG:3210 Health, Work, and the Environment
  GEOG/GHS:3300 Sustainable Development Alternatives
  GEOG/GHS:3780 U.S. Energy Policy in Global Context
  POLI:2417 Comparative Environmental Policy
  GEOG/GHS:3760 Hazards & Society
  EES:3150 Sustainability Project
  CBE:4410/CEE:4107 Sustainable Systems
  GEOG:1070 Contemporary Environmental Issues
  GEOG:1090 Globalization & Geographic Diversity
  GEOG:2013 Intro to Sustainability
  GEOG:2910 The Global Economy
  GEOG:3920 Planning Liveable Cities
  GEOG:3940 Transportation Economics
  PBAF/URP:1030 Climate Leadership and Justice
  ANTH:2261 Human Impacts on the Environment
  URP:4253 Designing Sustainable and Healthy Cities
Geographic Information Systems    
  GEOG:1030 Our Digital Earth
  GEOG:1050 Foundations of GIS
  GEOG:3540 Geographic Visualization
  GEOG:3570 LiDAR: Principles and Applications
  CEE:5310 Informatics for Sustainable Systems
  FREN:1007 Nature/Ecology French Philosophy and Fiction
  MKTG:4250 Marketing and Sustainability
  ENTR:1800 Innovation in Action: Sustainability