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Bee Campus U.S.A.

Being a current affiliate with Bee Campus U.S.A., The University of Iowa is committed to protecting the many bees and pollinators that live on our campus. Although bees are the most well-known pollinator, many insects and animals like butterflies, birds, bats, beetles, ants, and wasps are also major pollinators found in our community. The university is dedicated to maintaining a safe place for these many species by creating pollinator habitats around our campus. These pollinator habitats are found throughout the grounds of the University of Iowa, from the IMU Footbridge to the Ashton Prairie. For more information about pollinators and pollinator habitats, check out our Pollinator Habitat webpage.


Tree Campus Higher Education

Trees are an important part to every college campus and their natural beauty creates a livable and productive environment for students across the country. By being a certified tree campus with Tree Campus Higher Education, as well as being an accredited arboretum, the University of Iowa is committed to the maintenance and growth of the trees on our campus. The university consists of 8,000 trees that range over 300 different species and includes many rare and historic trees and even several state champion trees. To discover the many trees across campus, check out UI Facilities Management's Tree Inventory map.

Bike Campus U.S.A.

The University of Iowa is a certified bike campus with Bike Campus U.S.A. This certification means that our university is committing to creating a more livable and bike friendly campus as well as provide more support towards the bikers in our community. Biking is a great alternative to driving on campus and our campus is arranged with bikers in mind. The League of American Bicyclists has designated the University of Iowa as a Silver Bicycle Friendly University. For more information on biking resources, check out our Biking webpage.

Fair Trade Campaigns - YouTube

Fair Trade Campaign

"The University of Iowa Fair Trade endeavor is truly multifaceted. Through a coalition of students, faculty, the office of sustainability, and our housing and dining department, we were able to commit thousands of dollars each semester to transforming our food system. The University of Iowa is proud to be the first Fair Trade University in the Big 10!" - Fair Trade Campaigns