Compost Off-Campus

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Anyone can compost with Iowa City's local compost vendors. Learn how with this step-by-step process!

Step 1:

First, check with others who share your living space to be sure that the compost bin will not be disruptive. If sharing the compost bin with others, check that all composters will use the bin correctly to prevent contamination.

Step 2:

If you need a compost vendor, look into the various compost services in Iowa City. Find which service will best fit your needs.

Compost Ninja Curbside Collection City of Iowa City Curbside Collection Iowa City Compost Facility Drop Off
  • Pick-up available at many Iowa City homes and apartments
  • Composter must contact Compost Ninja directly
  • Cost varies depending on size and scope of service
  • Households that receive trash and recycling service from the City can also receive curbside compost collection at no additional cost 
  • Composter must contact the City directly
  • Cost is included with trash and recycling service
  • Drop-off compost at the Iowa City landfill
  • Composter must arrange delivery to the landfill during their regular business hours
  • Cost varies depending on quantity

Step 3:

If not supplied with a compost collection bin, find any simple trash can with a lid, and stock up on compostable bags. 

Step 4:

Place compostable materials in your bucket. To minimize odors and pests, consider keeping your bucket in the refrigerator.