What Bin Does It Go In?

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What Bin Does It Go In?

Not sure if your waste is recyclable, compostable, special waste, or able to be landfilled?  Use the listings below to figure out the best way to dispose of your waste.  Recyclable materials are found in the blue boxes, landfill materials are in the black boxes, items that require special waste collection are in the orange boxes, and compostable materials are in the green boxes.

Recyclable Materials

What can be recycled on campus?  Check the list below to find out.  Also, look for this recycling poster on or above recycling bins on campus.

Before placing items in the recycling bin, be sure items are:

  • CLEAN - items must not have any food residue, liquids, or grease spots on them
  • DRY - items must be dry
  • EMPTY - items must be empty
aluminum Steel Office paper newspaper
Mail Folders magazines Paperback books
Notebook paper Paper bags cardboard Cardboard tubes
Dry goods boxes plastic bottles plastic bottles Plastic jugs
Plastic tubs Buckets    


Landfill Waste

The items below are not recyclable in campus recycling bins.  Some items may be recyclable if collected separately, check with your Building Coordinator to find out if your building has any special collection programs.  Additionally, some items may be compostable if compost collection is available (look for the compost logo in the bottom right hand corner).  Check with your Building Coordinator to find out if your building has compost collection.  Also, look for this landfill poster on or above landfill bins on campus.

Glass Plastic Bags plastics 3-7 bagged garbage
masks gloves foil foil trays
condiment straws non container plastic styrofoam
paper cups rope plastic wrap hard cover books
chip bags food wrappers snack wrappers paper towels
tissue utensils soiled ceramics
spiral wound containers textiles pizza boxes diapers
food alkaline Peanuts air pockets
mixed materials      


Special Waste

Some items are not suitable for regular campus recycling bins or landfill bins.  These items need to be recycled or properly disposed of through UI Surplus or UI Environmental Health and Safety.

scrap metal electronic media furniture appliancees
equipment lots of books electronics ink and toner
chemical controlled substances biohazard led
oil batteries tubes mercury
sharps radioactive aerosols  


Compostable Materials

Compost collection is available in some buildings on campus.  Below is a list of items accepted for composting at the Iowa City Compost Facility.  However, the items accepted for composting on campus may vary by location.  Check with your Building Coordinator to determine what is compostable in your building.  Learn more about compost programs on campus.  If composting is not available, these items should go in the regular landfill bins.

food fruits cheese grains
pizza box coffee filter tea leaves
tea bags paper towels paper to go compostable