Earth Month Bike Challenge 2018

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The University of Iowa Earth Month Bike Challenge encourages biking as an environmentally-sound way to get to work and class.

Thank you to everyone who participated, braving the cold and snow to start the challenge and kept going all month!

Final Leaderboards

Teams:                  Points

Weirdos 191.2 2018 em bike challenge team weirdos 1st
Dev Null 177.3 Dev Null Earth Month bike challenge 2018
PsyClists 149.4 2018 em bike challenge psyclists 3rd
The Bikespeare's 123.3  
Thermocyclists 115. 2  
Spin Docs 5  

Top Ten Individuals:   Points/Top five Prizes

Matthieu Biger 956.3 tuneup from Broken Spoke
Jim Cremer 946 $50 Scheels Gift Card
Duane Staskal 906.11 $40 World of Bikes Gift Card
Lyubov Slashcheva 767.4 Multi-function tool and bell
Ruxton Smith 701.7 $20 World of Bikes Gift Card
Jacob Simmering 616.5  
Jay Geisen 615  
Brandt Uitermarkt 604.5  
Matthew Kressin 594.6  
Julie Mock 559  


Consistent Riders
Duane Staskal 22
Asa Crowe 21
Jay Geisen 21
Jamison Ash 21
Bryce Parker 21
Jim Cremer 21

Most Encouraging Rider: Matthieu Biger (550 points) - $20 gift certificate from Trumpet Blossom 

Photo Challenge: Matthieu Biger, Lindsey Rhea, Hunter Stasak, Jacob Simmering, Brandt Uitermarkt; $10 gift certificates from Active Endeavors

Points were earned in the individual challenge using this formula:  Miles biked + (20 x number of days biked) + (50 x number of riders encouraged) = total points

The team point totals were determined using this formula:  (Miles + 20x number of days) / (number of riders on the team) = team pointsThe top three teams win custom-made traveling trophies.

See more details on the How it Works and FAQ pages.