Pollinator Gardens

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Among the University of Iowa campus, there are many smaller pollinator habitats. They greatly contribute to the ecosystem and provide safety for the pollinators across the University of Iowa. Our campus also has many rain gardens. Rain gardens are spaces for rain runoff to be collected at, usually consisting of native shrubs and plants. These gardens also provide shelter for pollinators, as well as an efficient and sustainable way to retain storm water runoff.

Pollinator Habitat Locations

Stuit Hall Stuit Hall
Lagoon House Image of Lagoon Shelter House
Quad Ravine Campus Topography | Campus Planning and Development - The University of Iowa
IMU & IMU Footbridge  

Rain Garden Locations

Stuit Hall            Stuit Hall
Hancher            New Hancher
Quad Ravine            Campus Topography | Campus Planning and Development - The University of Iowa
Devy House  
Shambaugh House  
Seaman Center  
Bike Trail  


College of Pharmacy Garden: Roots of Medicine

The College of Pharmacy is home to a unique garden that pays tribute the beginnings of pharmaceutical medicine: plants. The garden consists of many species of shrubs and flowers that were once used as medicine to provide healing and care for different ailments. Some of these plants include milkweed, yarrow, mayapple, and foxglove. While walking through the garden, QR codes are found near each of the plants to make it easy to discover identify the species and the different medicinal uses for each. For more information, check out the College of Pharmacy's Medicinal Gardens and Sculpture webpage.

Medicinal Gardens 2