Earth Month Bike Challenge 2017

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Take the Earth Month 2017 Bike Challenge! April is a great time to commute to work and get to class by bike. It's a fast, safe, and a smart way to get around Iowa City. 

The Earth Month Bike Challenge 2017 is going to take place from April 10-30 for three weeks. You can participate in the Earth Month Bike Challenge by registering for the individual challenge or team challenge. By registering and logging your rides weekly, you can win prizes for being a consistent rider, the most encouraging rider, or even submitting a photo for the photo contest.


The challenge is intended to encourage riding and show that it is a fun and healthy way to get around town. In addition, it is good for the environment and it is a way to reduce your carbon emissions. During the winter warrior bike challenge, an estimated 3.4 U.S. tons of CO2 was saved if all of the miles were spent biking instead of driving. This effort is a small part of the University of Iowa's 2020 Sustainability goals. Join a team, ride individually, take some photos, and encourage others to bike in the Earth Month 2017 Bike Challenge!

Final Leader board

Individual Challenge

Name Total Points  
Jeremy Bockholt 925  
Duane Staskal 856  
Matthew Kressin 839  
Ruxton Smith 829  
Russell Buri 811  
Mary Traschel 791  
Joseph Lynch 732  
Denise Crouch 728  
Sundus Yousuf 671  
Matthew Brockman 640  

Total Points formula: Total Pts=20*(Days)+Miles+50*(People Encouraged)

Team Challenge

Team Name Total Points  
Coffee Ride Science Ride Beer 498.5  20170510 Team Coffee Ride Science Ride Beer2
Dev Null 490  20170509 Dev Null Earth Month bike challenge 2nd
Psyclists 459  
Denise Fit 405   Bike Challenge 2017DeniseFit5
Rhetoric Rolls 393  
Sustainable Circulation Sensation 364  
Bicyclics 362  
Bike Friends 283  
RecServ Riders 271  
Conscious Commuters 240  

Teams need to have at least two of their members log miles each week in order to be considered in the team leader board.

The points are determined by taking the average of those who biked in the team for the week.

Most Encouraging Rider: Mary Traschel (encouraged 7 people)

Photo Prize Winners: Matthew Kieffer, Brandt Uitermarkt, Elizabeth Hubing 

Other Winners: Cycle Like a Hawk seat covers were also given to 34 consistent riders; six riders were also given weekly random prizes. 


A huge thank you to every team and individual that participated in the challenge!